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A few New Changes are as Follows:

  • Cloud prefetch via Anycast at:
    1. Amsterdam, NL
    2. Ashburn, VA
    3. Chicago, IL
    4. Dallas, TX
    5. Frankfurt, DE
    6. Hong Kong, HK
    7. Los Angeles, CA
    8. Newark, NJ
    9. Paris, FR
    10. San Jose, CA
    11.Singapore, SG
    12. Tokyo, JP
    * atleast 3 times faster at HQ, cached periodically
  • Advanced Mailing List - Profile update, delivery method and Subscription
  • Custom Whois with Language and Banner support
  • Advanced DNS
  • IPv6 Enabled with reverse records
  • Secure Webpages: Monitored by collaborative Honeypot
  • Uncached Mirror Servers:
    1. Atlanta, Georgia, USA
    2. Burlington, Massachusetts,USA
    3. Mountain View, California, USA
    4. Newark, New Jersey, USA
    5. San Diego, California
  • Secure Email:
    1.Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance
    2.128 bit SSL client encryption
    3. Powerful Antispam
    4. SSL-TLS based core protocol transaction
    5. Sync with all smartphone
    6. Microbrowser support with 700 GB space
    7. web preview of common files like: doc,docx,xls,pdf
    8. Sender Policy Framework
    9. DomainKeys Identified Mail
  • SMS Gateway Incorporated with E-Mail to SMS and vice versa
  • Event Organizer with E-Mail and SMS alerts
  • Datacenter powered by Renewable wind energy


IT Giants all around the Globe are changing their hosting patterns. Therefore we are only serving the Welcome Page.
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